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Cultivate your anthropology in the field of an enhanced ethnoecology

HDR | Habilitation à diriger des recherches - Paris, 2021.

Domains of urban life in public spaces in Cairo, Egypt

Lecture (in English) with Nicolas Puig given as part of the CEDEJ Research Workshop: “Trade in the city and activities: Observing practices and (…)

Articles & chapters published in the field of sonic anthropology

A list of my publications dealing with the intersection of social anthropology and the sonic dimensions of existence.

Ethnographies Sounded on What? Methodologies, Sounds, and Experiences in Cairo

Chapter (in English) published in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies edited by Michael Bull and Marcel Cobussen (2020).

Towards a Sonic Ecology of Urban Life: Ethnography of Sound Perceptions in Cairo

Art. (in English), co-written with Nicolas Puig, in The Senses and Society, 2020, vol. 15 (2), p. 170-191.

A sound from Siwa in Egypt - with RFI

Sound recorded in the oasis of Siwa (Egypt) broadcast on RFI “Écouter le monde”: Correspondances sonores (1/5)

Sound perception in Cairo: the city through the lens of a Sonic Ecology

Lecture (in French) with Nicolas Puig given as part of the Third “Congrès des études sur le Moyen-Orient et les mondes musulmans”, July 5th 2019, (…)

Listening to the World, with MILSON, the anthropologists of sound environments

Just published! Audio tracks: “The voice of Cairo - Egypt” & “The coffees of Cairo - Egypt”, in Monica Fantini & Christine Guillebaud, (…)

Concert “A night in Cairo”: the Egyptian master Ahmed Wahdan in Paris

Iftar evening/party on Saturday, June 10 at the Institute of Islamic Cultures (ICI), 19 Léon Street (18th Arr.) at 10:30 pm, free admission.

Mics in the ears: How to ask people in Cairo to talk about their sound universes

Chap. (in English), in Christine Guillebaud (ed.), Toward an Anthropology of Ambient Sound, London, Routledge, Routledge studies in Anthropology (…)

Corps sonores (4/4) : Acoustiques urbaines : les sons de la société

Participation in the live radio broadcast “Culture Monde” on France Culture, Feb. 16th 2017, Maison de la Radio (Paris, France)

Urban Ambiances — صوت القاهرة

The Voice/Sound of Cairo: Mics in the Ears

Sounds from Egypt - with RFI

Montages of field recording sounds from Cairo, with RFI “Écouter le monde”

To shun the sound and the fury: ambiances in the palm groves gardens of Siwa Oasis (Egypt)

Lecture given (in French) in the International Conference: “Quelles ambiances urbaines dans les oasis du sud de la Méditerranée?” (Programme (…)

“The sound of society”: a method for investigating sound perception in Cairo

Art. (in English) with Nicolas Puig in The Senses & Society, 2016 n° Contemporary French Sensory Anthropology.

Les métiers du Muséum: Ethnoécologue

The Muséum’s jobs: Ethnoecologist Lecture (in French) given for the meetings “Les métiers du Muséum” at the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, (…)

“Ça, c’est le son de la société”. Enquêter sur les perceptions sonores au Caire

“That, it’s the sound of the society”: To investigate on the sound perceptions in Cairo Lecture (in French) given in the seminar 2015-2016 (…)

In the Ears of a Cairo Resident

from October 2015 to January 2016 at the Musée de l’Homme, Paris (France)

“The atmosphere is great”, or the evanescent relationship to soundscapes in Cairo

Invitation to a participant listening and proposal of an analytical perspective. Chap. (in French), in Joël Candau & Marie-Barbara Le (…)

Milson research team

Formally since 2012. MILSON is a research team dedicated to the discussion of the problematics and methods used in different disciplines (…)

Religious resonance in the city: Cairo

Broadcast on Radio Campus Paris (Oct. 2012), sounds recorded in Cairo.

Mics in the ears: how to ask people in Cairo to talk about their sound universes

Lecture given at the international workshop held by the collective MILSON: “For an Anthropology of Sound Milieux” (February 16th and 17th, 2012, (…)

The keyword “Sonore / Sound / الصوت”

Reference to the compilation all the articles on this site that deals with sound.

Can we do an ethnography of sound of Cairo?

Lecture given at the conference held by the collective MILSON: “For an anthropology of sound environments” (12 and 13 May 2011, Ecole Nationale (…)

“The atmosphere is great”, or the evanescent relationship to soundscapes in Cairo

Lecture given at the Congress of the CTHS, April 10th, 2010 in Neuchâtel - Switzerland.

Sound ambiances of Cairo: To propose an anthropology of sound environments

Article (in French) for Les Cahiers du GERHICO (2009).

Sound riddle!

A riddle to listen to: but, from where do these sounds come from?

Sound ambiances of Cairo: The public space of the Wast al-Balad (Downtown)

Lecture given at the Conference “La sonorité: usages, symboles, perceptions et normes.” Dec. 2007, Poitiers (France). In video and in French sign (…)

Some sounds: soundscapes


Fieldworks and ethnology

All the research fieldworks on the zone of North Africa (the Maghreb) and the Middle East: fieldworks in oasis and urban fieldworks. On a (…)

Electronic Music

Old unearthed electronic music.

Sound ambiances of Cairo: more.

Sounds to be listened to: soccer supporters and café....

Soundscapes of the Cairo public spaces

Sound recordings of the urban life the Egyptian capital: Soundscape of Cairo spaces.

Extract of an interview (research)


Extract of an interview (research)

First attempt to exploit on the Web fieldwork recordings.

Already here... pieces of sound ambiances in Siwa.

Already here, sounds of other places.

Anthropology of the sound worlds

Project in progress…

Being Muslim in Cairo, Tehran, Istanbul, Dakar and Paris

Being Muslim in Cairo, Tehran, Istanbul, Dakar and Paris • Sounds of public spaces in Cairo. Participation to the exhibition “Being Muslim in (…)

Sounds of public spaces in Cairo

Sons des espaces publics au Caire CD-Roms of sounds for the exhibition “Être musulmane, être musulman au Caire, à Téhéran, à Istanbul, à Dakar et (…)