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Oases gardens

Lecture May 2006

Vincent Battesti

Oases gardens

 Original title:
Jardins d’oasis

The future of the vegetable garden - Gardens and landscapes :ethno-ecological approaches (L’avenir du potager - Jardins et paysages: approche ethno-écologique), Doctoral School of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, thematic Natural history of Humankind (Histoire naturelle de l’Homme), Research Unit: Eco-anthropologie-Ethnobiologie, Department Hommes-Natures-Sociétés, in Paris, May 2nd, 2006.
Head: Bernadette Lizet, Anne Luxerau et Françoise Dubost

 In a word: the idea was to present at the doctorate candidates a research work on the gardens. The case here, in oases, was a bit exotic, but allowed a decentering, to have the diversity of the possible regarding gardens, but also to think of the articulation of the scales between gardens and landscape. In addition, the lecture put emphasis on the philosophy and the methodology of work: the ethnoecology.

How to define the units of culture of the oases: garden or field? agriculture, horticulture, market gardening, truck farming? Repeat of the traditional definitions of Haudricourt and Sigaut.
Which ecological and cultural borders: does the oasis system a geographical or cultural fact or closely both: diffusionnism (through Arab and Berber worlds - and Persian also besides) and ecological necessity.
My double approach: that of an anthropologist or ethnologist trained with biology and ecology.

 To go to the Muséum website: L’école doctorale du Muséum « Sciences de la Nature et de l’Homme » (ED 227)

 To download in pdf format (in French) an extract of the presentation of the École doctorale du Muséum:

Extrait de l’enseignement ED227
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