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University works

Works carried out at the university, the theses.


The equivocal relations, Circumspect approaches for a socio-ecology of Saharan oases.

Monday 28 September 1998 - Vincent Battesti

Doctorate Thesis. (PhD) - Paris, 1998.


ِEthnobotanical approach of a Saharan Oasis: Djanet (Algeria)

1996 - Vincent Battesti

Main DEA thesis (Social Sciences) - Paris, 1993.


Relations to the desert of the monotheistic religions

1996 - Vincent Battesti

DEA (Master) thesis (Social Sciences) - Paris, 1993.


An experimental charcoal burner’s clearing, Methodology of anthracology on charcoal burner’s clearing for an approach of management of the forest environment in Languedoc [South France]

1996 - Vincent Battesti

Master’s thesis (Biology of the organizations and populations) - Montpellier, 1992.

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