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Oasis, gardens in the desert

Conf. April 2012

Vincent Battesti

Oasis, gardens in the desert

 Original title: Oasis, des jardins dans le désert.

Lecture given for the exhibition “Les territoires de l’eau, irrigation et partage de l’eau en Méditerranée”
 from Feb. 7th to July 13th 2012 at the Bibliothèque départementale des Bouches-du-Rhône Gaston-Defferre, in Marseille (France).

 Date of the lecture: Avril, 11th 2012.
 Website of the exhibition:

 Slide show of the lecture:
Be careful, here are the photographies nly, without the speech... Most of the pictures are from Siwa Oasis (Egypt), and some from the Jerid region in Tunisia. I’m the author of all the pictures here displayed.
To note: for purist people, let’s specify that the pictures have just been downsized, wihout any attempt to manage colors, contrats, etc.
Enjoy this journey…!

Diaporama “Oasis, des jardins dans le désert”, V. Battesti, à Marseille (11 avril 2012)


The exhibition can be donwloaded in pdf at this address:

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