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The extra, they are the things that seem good to publish online, according to my mood.


الف مبروك، يا مصر ! بنحبّك Congratulations Egypt!

Saturday 12 February 2011 - Vincent Battesti

February, 11th 2011: a popular revolution on the banks of the Nile ...!


ثورة الشعب في تونس A revolution in Tunisia

Saturday 15 January 2011 - Vincent Battesti

January, 14th, 2011: a new Tunisian national day...!

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Collage of two photographs taken in 1994 in Burkina Faso (in Bobo-Dioulasso, the old ladies and the other one, in Ouagadougou, the young girls) with one taken in 2006 in France (Gardens of Bagatelles).

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