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Restaurant, Leisure, Festivals & Celebrations

Lecture January 2021

Vincent Battesti

Lecture (in French & English) given as part of the CEDEJ Research Workshop: “Trade in the city and activities: Observing practices and representations”,
CEDEJ, online, Cairo (Egypt), January 27th 2021.
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- Restaurant, Leisure, Festivals & Celebrations | Restaurations, Loisir, Fêtes & célébrations

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A presentation of three of my chapters in the edited book:
Florin, Bénédicte, Anna Madœuf, Olivier Sanmartin, Roman Stadnicki & Florence Troin (eds.), 2020 — Abécédaire de la ville au Maghreb et au Moyen-Orient, Tours, Presses universitaires François-Rabelais collection Villes & Territoires, 436 p.

- Restaurants - Cities in the Maghreb and the Middle East,
- Leisure - Cities in the Maghreb and the Middle East,
- Festivals & Celebrations - Cities in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

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