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Gardens of Egypt

Minor mode - Gardens in Egypt, parks and botanical gardens (they merge in Egypt), but also private gardens.

I realize that this section is to add, I’m late: where, otherwise, would I talk about my work on the botanical gardens of Egypt, the history of private and public gardens in the Nile Valley...?

Scene of gardener using a Shaduf, Tomb of Ipuy at Deir-el-Medina, West bank of Thebes, TT217.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.
The Azbakeya garden in Cairo, Egypt, photographed from a balloon.
(Deutsch: Der Esbekieh-Garten in Kairo, Ägypten, fotografiert aus einem Ballon).
January 30, 1904; first published in Spelterini, E.: Über den Wolken/Par dessus les nuages, Brunner & Co, Zürich 1928, p. 79.
By Eduard Spelterini, (1852–1931), Swiss pioneer of ballooning and of aerial photography.
Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Plant Cosmopolitism and Social Extraterritoriality: a Modern History of Ornamental Gardens in Egypt

Thursday 8 May 2014 - Vincent Battesti

An article which attempts to clarify the history of ornamental gardens in Egypt for the 19th and 20th centuries, a key moment to understand real change in the paradigms of Egyptian garden.


Egyptian Botanical Gardens

Sunday 13 December 2009 - Vincent Battesti

The botanical gardens are often confused in the Nile Valley with public gardens.


Ornamental Gardens in Egypt

Sunday 13 December 2009 - Vincent Battesti

Book in progress, project based in Cairo: art book and, at the same time, botanical and gardens book.


Cultivated trees in gardens of Ancient Egypt

Friday 16 March 2007 - Vincent Battesti

The following tree species seem to have been the main cultivated ones in gardens of Ancient Egypt.


Some old illustrations of gardens in Cairo

Thursday 15 September 2005 - Vincent Battesti