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The body put to the cosmic test (The fleshly sociology of manned space flight)

Lecture april 2022

Vincent Battesti

 The body put to the test of the cosmos (The fleshly sociology of manned space flight)
Lecture (in French) given as part of the lecture series Histoire des sens (L’Odyssée sensorielle), “Les rendez-vous culturels du Jardin des plantes”.
Muséum national d’histoire naturelle, Paris (France),
April 21st, 2022, 7-8 pm,

– Web Page of the lecture: https://www.jardindesplantesdeparis...
as part of a research residency with the Observatoire de l’Espace (du CNES).

 This series of History of the Senses lectures was organised by Jeanne-Marie Manaranche and designed by Vincent Battesti & Léo Mariani; in connection with the exhibition L’Odyssée sensorielle.

How can we understand human sensoriality in an extraterrestrial context? Does space flight change the terrestrial hierarchy of the senses? Do our senses develop extraterrestrial capacities in space, and how do they evolve? What about the readjustment of our bodies on return to Earth? And how do these effects on the body relate to our relationship with ourselves, with others and with space?
Manned spaceflight puts astronauts’ bodies to a severe test, both because of the extreme nature of the environment and because of the training required beforehand.
An astronaut, a sociologist and an anthropologist discuss our relationship with the body and its physical and social environment.

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