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Archives of the project: Egypt of today/Contemporary Egypt (EC)

This is an archive, see the updated page here: L’Égypte au présent, Inventaire d’une société avant révolution

- Vincent Battesti & François Ireton (eds), L’Égypte au présent, Inventaire d’une société avant révolution, Paris, Sindbad-Actes Sud (coll. Bibliothèque arabe), 1200 pages (40 contributors), may 2011.
ISBN: 978-2-7427-9780-6

Project II of Contemporary Egypt - since January 2005.
The project of a social sciences book to present a broad and complete view of contemporary Egypt.

- Up date:

The book is published May 4th, 2011.

- Up date:

We handed in the complete manuscript to the publishing house Sindbad-Actes Sud, on October 7th, 2010. Publication planned for May 2011.


Sequel of the publication of Contemporary Egypt

Monday 8 October 2007 - Vincent Battesti, François Ireton

The book will be published in Actes Sud-Sindbad publishing house. It will be on bookshop shelves in the last quarter 2008.


Contemporary Egypt [temporary title]

Wednesday 19 January 2005 - Vincent Battesti, François Ireton

Scientific coedition of a book on Contemporary Egypt (CEDEJ/Karthala) in French. Planned for 2008.

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