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Patrimonialization of the built

Berber architecture and patrimonialization in Siwa. Evolution of buildings and invention of a local tradition.

1935 original photogravure of the Siwa Oasis or Siwah, in Egypt.
Photograph: Dr Konrad Ulrich of Zürich, Switzerland.

Opening of the exhibition Berbères, de rives en rêves (Berbers, from shores to dreams)

Wednesday 21 May 2008 - Vincent Battesti

Wednesday, May 21st at 5 pm, Abbey of Daoulas


Exhibition “Berbères, de rives en rêves” (Berbers, from shores to dreams)

Saturday 17 May 2008 - Vincent Battesti

Participation in the catalogue and a video interview within the exhibition.


Patrimonialization in Siwa: the architecture

Tuesday 19 April 2005 - Vincent Battesti

In progress.