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Domains of urban life in public spaces in Cairo, Egypt

Lecture January 2021

Vincent Battesti

Lecture (in English) with Nicolas Puig given as part of the CEDEJ Research Workshop: “Trade in the city and activities: Observing practices and representations”,
CEDEJ, online, Cairo (Egypt), January 27th 2021.
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- Domains of urban life in public spaces in Cairo, Egypt

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After a brief overview of their contributions to the Abécédaire de la ville au Maghreb et au Moyen Orient on the different dimensions of public space in Arab cities, Vincent Battesti and Nicolas Puig extend here their presentation with a study published in 2020 on sound perceptions and sonic ecology in Cairo. They describe the three domains of urban life that emerge from their ethnographic data: the active city, the city in movement, and the relational city.

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