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Press review

Press review of articles quoting me after interview.

I now start (without that being retroactive) to make a press review of articles quoting me after interview which I granted to journalists, because that finally can be considered as a “valorization of research” and a “visibility” our administrative decision makers run after.


Investigating the date palms of a three thousand year old oasis

Monday 7 November 2022 - Vincent Battesti

Press review


TV Broadcast “C’est pas sorcier” — Oasis: les champs du désert

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Vincent Battesti

Scientific consultation for popular science TV broadcast.


Crowded Cairo Gets its Own Version of Central Park, Voice of America, March 25th, 2005

Friday 25 March 2005

Press review


Dream of green, Cairo Magazine, vol. 3, March 24th 2005

Thursday 24 March 2005

Press review


From Trash Heap to Emerald Lung, Bidoun Magazine, vol. 3, 2005.

March 2005

Press review