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Because research is also keeping one’s ear to the ground.

(The ears, they have no eyelids.)


Sounds from Egypt - with RFI

Saturday 22 October 2016 - Vincent Battesti

Montages of field recording sounds from Cairo, with RFI “Écouter le monde”


Religious resonance in the city: Cairo

Tuesday 30 October 2012 - Vincent Battesti

Broadcast on Radio Campus Paris (Oct. 2012), sounds recorded in Cairo.


Electronic Music

Monday 30 April 2007 - Vincent Battesti

Old unearthed electronic music.


Sound ambiances of Cairo: more.

Wednesday 11 October 2006 - Vincent Battesti

Sounds to be listened to: soccer supporters and café....


Soundscapes of the Cairo public spaces

Sunday 30 July 2006 - Vincent Battesti

Sound recordings of the urban life the Egyptian capital: Soundscape of Cairo spaces.


Extract of an interview (research)

Tuesday 25 July 2006 - Vincent Battesti

Already here... pieces of sound ambiances in Siwa.

Sunday 28 August 2005 - Vincent Battesti

Already here, sounds of other places.

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