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Sonic anthropology

Major mode - Sound anthropology (or anthropology of sound environments).

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La Borne, 16 juin 2007 © Bruno Scotti

“Mine eyes are made the fools o’ the other senses, Or else worth all the rest; I see thee still” (Macbeth: Act 2, Scene 1).


Articles & chapters published in the field of sonic anthropology

Friday 1 January 2021 - Vincent Battesti

A list of my publications dealing with the intersection of social anthropology and the sonic dimensions of existence.


Urban Ambiances — صوت القاهرة

Saturday 24 December 2016 - Vincent Battesti

The Voice/Sound of Cairo: Mics in the Ears


The keyword “Sonore / Sound / الصوت”

Wednesday 11 May 2011 - Vincent Battesti

Reference to the compilation all the articles on this site that deals with sound.


Sound riddle!

Tuesday 11 March 2008 - Vincent Battesti

A riddle to listen to: but, from where do these sounds come from?


Some sounds: soundscapes

Friday 9 November 2007 - Vincent Battesti

Anthropology of the sound worlds

Tuesday 8 March 2005 - Vincent Battesti

Project in progress…