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Or in the trash, discarded, unwanted by peers, or I’m tired of, or I get angry ... who knows? ...


Thirsty or drowned, the strange destinies of hydraulic societies of North African oases (Jerid oases in Tunisia and Siwa oasis in Egypt)

Tuesday 18 January 2011 - Vincent Battesti

Out of Water: Sustaining Development in Arid Climates, a conference taking place on April 1 & 2, 2011, at the University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design (Canada).


Le palmier dattier (The Date-Palm)

Monday 11 October 2010 - Vincent Battesti

The title of the chapter is not final
Chap. (in French) forthcoming in Hélène Joly (ed.), Domestication, mythologies and varietal diversity: Fruit trees of the Mediterranean region, Paris, éditions Quae (...)


Politics, picnics and nilotic loves

September 2006 - Vincent Battesti

Art. (in French) in progress…


The Power of Disappearance, Water and the Jerid in Tunisia

Tuesday 9 August 2005 - Vincent Battesti

Unpublished chap. of A History of Water, The World of Water: Volume III.


Ecological and social geneses of oasis agriculture

September 2004 - Vincent Battesti

Art. refused by World Archaeology


The relationship to the environment in two regions of oases in Tunisia: Jerid and Nefzaoua

Wednesday 25 December 2002 - Vincent Battesti, Joëlle Brochier-Puig

Art. (in French) in progress ... [temporary title]


The oasis gardens: natures in construction

June 2002 - Vincent Battesti

Chap. Ethnohistoire des jardins - abandon of the project by its scientific editor.


Relationships to the desert of the monotheist religions

1996 - Vincent Battesti

Unpublished article (refused par Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions)

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