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Who am I? (answer: Vincent Battesti)

Vincent Battesti

Let’s say that my name is Vincent Battesti, I was born in 1970, I am not really often in France, I am a researcher in Social Anthropology, currently in Cairo since March 2002, oh no, I’m back now in France, in Paris, in the aera of la Goutte d’Or since April 2006…, — gosh, no, I’m in New York now —, well, fair enough, let’s say this site displays my research and even sometimes some its results. To have a look on my bio, please look around nearby…

Researcher CNRS (recruited in 2009 as chargé de recherche 1re classe) in the Lab. UMR 7206 “Eco-anthropologie et ethnobiologie” (Ecoanthropology and ethnobiology) at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Musée de l’Homme), working in the research group “Biodiversité, Systèmes écologiques et activités humaines” (Biodiversity, Ecological systems and Human activities). (See my record on the team website at the National Museum).

Vincent Battesti
Le Caire, 2003, courtesy Nicolas Stern ©

Certain Net surfers thought that I was the gentleman with the funny red hat on the head, present on the header-block of the site. Not at all. It is about the sheikh of the oasis of al-Gara, pretty close to Siwa.
Some other Net surfers considered that it would have been tasteful to post my mug (there are always physiognomists). I am conciliatory. Here it is,below on this page.

Vincent Battesti
20 août 2006, Nocario, Castagniccia (Corse)

My home base, my neighborhood is now the 18th district, Barbès, la Goutte d’Or, Château rouge, in Paris.

Renverser la vapeur
Renverser la Vapeur, Scred Connexion, LP “Du mal à s’confier...”, 2001, piste 9/15.
3’53 s. mp3 192kb stéréo.
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