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BioDivMeX Prospective Workshop/ Atelier de prospective BioDivMeX

Conf. Oct. 2015

Vincent Battesti

Conf. in French & English, participation to the BioDivMeX Prospective Workshop
at the Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP),
from Sept. 29th to Oct. 2nd, 2015, Saint Michel l’Observatoire (04870) (France).

It is actually more than a simple and mere conference, as it was in fac a workshop to think about the future biodiversity around Mediterranea sea, four days along, and a part of it working with a small workshop. I took part and try to lead/liven up what would became BioDivMeX Working Group 1-2: “Insularities, fragmentation and connectivity in Mediterranean region: a social and biological perspective”

My contribution or way to begin was organized in three slides.
 Egyptian oases and Corsican Castagniccia: agroecosystems and the construction of their biodiversity

To be continued…

Website of BioDivMeX’s project:

 What is BioDivMeX?

BioDivMeX, one of the axes of MISTRALS Megaproject, aimed at a better understanding of research conducted on the Mediterranean biodiversity, to bring communities of researchers working in the marine and terrestrial areas in ecology and social sciences, and to create a trans-network collaboration on two major themes BioDivMeX which are:

- Theme 1: The biodiversity of poorly known and highly environmentds constrained by abiotic factors and biotic interactions.
 Theme 2: Biodiversity in socio-ecological systems which have evolved historically (SES) and the actual anthropized landscapes.

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