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Sounds from Egypt - with RFI

Vincent Battesti

For the radio broadcast “Écouter Paris, écouter les villes du monde” (Listen to Paris, listen to cities of the world) on RFI (Radio France internationale), with Monica Fantini (“Écouter le monde” Project),
I edited with her two aural pieces from my sounds recorded in Cairo to be broadcasted:

 October 22nd, 2016: « Écouter la voix du Caire » (Listen to the voice of Cairo),

Cairo has a voice, sewn of a thousand voices of the daily: the voices of those fellows who shout to one another, of onions and watermelons stallholders, of scrap dealers, of hucksters, and of muezzins.

Écouter la voix du Caire. Prises de son Vincent Battesti, montage Monica Fantini & Vincent Battesti

 Octobre 29th, 2016: « Écouter les cafés du Caire » (Listen to the cafes of Cairo).

In Cairo, the coffee is an institution, open to the city, day and night. One can do there one’s shopping like at the market, vendors of handkerchiefs, perfumes or rababa (a kind of violin) solicit customers already busy ordering their shisha, drinking their shey, playing the tawla and dominoes..

Écouter les cafés du Caire. Prises de son Vincent Battesti, montage Monica Fantini & Vincent Battesti

 The radio broadcast on the RFI website:
… go there to listen to aural pieces of my colleagues!

 Entire Programme:

Radio France Internationale off every Saterday, from October 8th to November 26th, 2016, in the radio broasdcast « Écouter Paris, Écouter les villes du monde » a series of 8 sound postcards made with the social anthropologists of Milson, a research programme from the Centre de recherche en ethnomusicologie du CNRS that studies the diversity of the societies of the world through their sound environments.

  1. – October 8th: « Le temple de Chidambaram en Inde du sud » avec Christine Guillebaud
  2. – October 15th: « Les voix de la loterie parlée au Kerala en Inde sud » avec Christine Guillebaud
  3. – October 22nd: « La voix du Caire » with Vincent Battesti
  4. – October 29th: « Les cafés du Caire » with Vincent Battesti
  5. – November 5th: « Les concours de chants d’oiseaux en Thaïlande » with Stéphane Rennesson
  6. – November 12th: « le duel vocal sur le ring de boxe thaïlandaise » with Stéphane Rennesson
  7. – November 19th: « Les pétards et feux d’artifice à Naples » with Olivier Féraud
  8. – November 26th: « Les cris de Naples » with Olivier Féraud

The Saturdays at 04:26 am, and 06:26 pm (Paris local time) for all targets. At 07:55 (Paris local time) for the World (but Africa).
Podcasts on line on the broadcast webpage:

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