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Anthropology of the sound worlds

Vincent Battesti

 Development of an anthropology of the sound worlds.

Accumulation of recorded data on sound ambiances and reflections on the invention of this field of research.

A first production was the exhibition at La Villette, Paris, see Publications (presentations of the sound environments of Cairo) or go there to listen to the sounds which were used as ingredients with the reconstitution of the sound environment of the Egyptian capital.

An other proposal (Workshop in Siwa: children’s drawings on nature) will present some oasian ambiances in the exhibition that will take place in the Musée de l’Homme (Paris) in 2007: Project of exhibition: Nature vivante (Living Nature).
An other proposal again is the next lecture in a anthropological conference in Poitiers (France) on Sound: Ambiances sonores du Caire : L’espace public du Wast el-balad (centre-ville).

It is a project for the long term. More data/news soon here...
Check too the Sono section.

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