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Oasian natures in North Africa

Elements of research

Vincent Battesti

- This set of themes of the relation of populations to their environment, the construction of oasian nature(s), was central in my work before even my doctorate.

Djanet (Algérie) - avril 1993 - un Touareg nigérien venu travailler comme journalier dans les jardins de Djanet.

- The first steps of this work were DEA’s main thesis written in 1993 after a first fieldwork in Djanet in the Tassili n’Ajjer in Algeria (Tuaregs kel Ajjer):
Approche ethnobotanique d’une oasis saharienne: Djanet (Algérie), (directed by Pr. R. Pujol - Laboratoire Ethnobiologie-biogéographie, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle).

- My doctorate took partially place while I held a position of researcher (1994-1996) for a French-Tunisian project of development (between the French development center Cirad and the National Institute for Agronomic Research of Tunisia (Inrat): the project for the Oasis agriculture development in the Jerid (Tozeur, Tunisia).
This was the opportunity for the publication of a big report, diagnosis of the Jerid oasis agriculture: Oases of Jérid: permanent revolutions?

- My thesis of doctorate in social anthropology (1993-1998) related mainly to the oases of Jérid to Tunisia (South-West), but also of Djanet in Algeria (South-East) and Zagora of the valley of Draa in Morocco (South).
The equivocal relations, Circumspect approaches for a socio-ecology of Saharan oases

- This thesis has been published (in a very reshaped version) in French under the title: Gardens to the desert, Evolution of Oasian practices and knowledges, Jerid, Tunisia.

See also the following articles on this set of themes:

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See also the following conferences on this set of themes (sometimes redundant conferences with the articles):

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- Subterfuge in the Domestication of the Date Palm (Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria)

Tozeur (Tunisie) - 1995 - le côté du souk, où les jardiniers viennent vendre eux-mêmes quelques bottes de fourrage.
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