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The Revue d’ethnoécologie (Journal)

Vincent Battesti

International peer-reviewed journal.
The Revue d’ethnoécologie journal is the last formula of a long direct line (almost a century!) of titles, the most famous of which was the JATBA (Journal d’agriculture traditionnelle et de botanique appliquée).

Online, open access:
I have been a member of the journal’s editorial board since Dec. 2017..

The Revue d’Ethnoécologie publishes original scientific articles and short communications in the general field of ethnoecology, i.e. the relations between human societies and their natural environment, from historical, intercultural, geographical and comparative perspectives. By natural environment, we mean other living species, animals and plants, ecosystems, their transformation, management or preservation.

- Permanent Call for Papers:

Papers are encouraged that present interdisciplinary research results, linking cultural and environmental factors in the study of human societies, with a preference for specific field studies on knowledge and practices on biodiversity and environments, techniques and their evolution, without neglecting scientific, social but also political issues.

Also welcomed are works concerning so-called “traditional” agriculture and farming, agrobiodiversity, techniques for using natural resources and, of course, traditional and local knowledge, classifications and categorization of natural objects. Articles proposing methodological contributions will also be welcome.

Contact: ethnoecologie

- What is this journal?
More information at this address:

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