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by Vincent Battesti

Festivals & Celebrations
 Original title: Fêtes & célébrations
in Bénédicte Florin, Anna Madœuf, Olivier Sanmartin, Roman Stadnicki & Florence Troin (dirs), Abécédaire de la ville au Maghreb et au Moyen-Orient, Tours, Presses universitaires François-Rabelais collection Villes & Territoires, 2020, p. 145-146.
ISBN: 978-2-86906-750-9
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 In a few words:

A festival is the time devoted to a civil or religious ceremony or associated festivities. The celebration of a feast refers to the ceremony itself, including its composition and organization. The dichotomy between civil and religious may not always be obvious. It is very rare that the religious dimension does not appear in a civil celebration and obvious civil aspects appear in religious celebrations.

Festivals and their celebration in the public space can be private celebrations: this is the paradox of certain urban universes of North Africa and Middle East where domestic affairs also take place in the public space. (…)

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