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Fieldworks and ethnology

Vincent Battesti

Research fields .
Essential regarding ethnology and social anthropology, the field is both the space (geographical, social ...) for research and the working time during which the researcher collects data needed for scientific work. The modes of “fieldwork” are specific to Ethnology / Anthropology discipline, but also to each researcher engaged in “his” fieldwork.

With my colleague Nicolas Puig, we have edited an issue of Egypte/Monde arabe journal (published in Cairo) devoted to the relations between anthropologists and their fieldworks, nowadays and in Egypt.
 See Fieldworks of Egypt, Contemporary anthropologies.

 My personal fields in ethnology are:
In green: in ecoanthropology/ethnecology in the oases,
In red: in urban anthropology,
In blue: other places of work.

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 See also the small Map of the studied oases in Sahara.

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