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Fieldwork at Novespace | Weightlessness Flight

Vincent Battesti

 Extraterrestrial Anthropology

In March 2022, as a resident researcher in weightlessness in the Observatoire de l’espace (Space Observatory) within the CNES, the Centre national d’études spatiales (the French space agency), I realized within Novespace (part of CNES) a second ethnographic field, for my program Extraterrestrial Anthropology.

Briefly, a parabolic flight on board a specially chartered Airbus is a flight composed of a succession of 31 parabolas made up of 30 seconds of 2G, then 22 seconds of 0G, then 30 seconds again of 2G, before returning to a steady flight in 1G, all of which lasts for about three hours (with take-off, flight over the area, return and landing).

A first “on the spot” report is planned to appear on the blog of the Space Observatory, before an analysis of the data and their publication.

Upside down, experience of weightlessness on board of Novespace’s Airbus Zero-G, on March 9, 2022, over the North Atlantic. by Vincent Battesti

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