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Conditions and modalities of sensory enskilment: an anthropological disputatio

Vincent Battesti, Joël Candau

- Conditions and modalities of sensory enskilment: an anthropological disputatio
- Original title (In French): Conditions et modalités des apprentissages sensoriels: une disputatio anthropologique
Introductory text — co-written by Vincent Battesti & Joël Candau — for an edited book on sensory learning, edited by Vincent Battesti & Joël Candau
See: Learning the senses, learning through the senses: anthropology of sensory perceptions.
- Notice:

Text being submitted to the editor.

This introductory text “sometimes takes itself the form, confusing perhaps, of a dialogue, real [...], between its two authors. As we shall see, we have theoretical differences. So, what is the point of writing together? It is that, in spite of these differences, we both have a taste for scientific”dispute“, that in a perspective aiming to identify our disagreements, to make them explicit and, perhaps, to overcome them in order to arrive at a better intelligibility of the studied phenomenon. The reader will make his own opinion, but in our eyes our approaches complement each other: Candau questions the possible ontogenetic effects of cultural matrices on sensory learning and, more broadly, on cognition, whereas Battesti is more attached to a comparative project of cultural sensory universes and their learning.”

Members of the Miao minority, Guiyang Shi, Guizhou Sheng, China, Sept. 5th, 2015 © Vincent Battesti
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