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Creation of the CIRC: Centre international de recherches sur la Castagniccia

Vincent Battesti


Yes, it was time in 2018 to get down to business.
- Launch of the CIRC: Centre international de recherches sur la Castagniccia.
(or “Centre interdisciplinaire”…)
Translated from French into English, it should be the ICRC: International Centre for Research on Castagniccia (or “Interdisciplinary Centre for…”), but will miss the humorous wink as CIRC is pronounced in French as “cirque” (circus).

Located in the hamlet of Nucariu (municipality of Nocario, 20229… waiting for an other headquarter ? :-). It can be seen in the first photograph.
The idea is quite seriously, with no funding and with the means at hand (thus taking its time), to create a hub of encounters with colleagues and students, with this territory as a pretext: a collaborative lab. where “us” prevails, a CIRC-US?
In fact, this CIRC already hosts the project Castagniccia (Corsica), elaborated with François Ireton.

Village de Nocario en Castagniccia, Corse, sous le mont Sain Pedrone, vu depuis la chapelle de Saint Christophe, 19 juillet 2017, Vincent Battesti
Dans la hêtraie sur les flancs ouest du San Petrone, Castagniccia, Corse (France), le 8 août 2014 (photo. Vincent Battesti)
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