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Listening to the World, with MILSON, the anthropologists of sound environments

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Vincent Battesti

with MILSON, anthropologists of sound environments

An audio box set presented by Monica Fantini (RFI) and Christine Guillebaud (CNRS), 2019.
(The tracks highlighted in yellow are my work.)

This collection aims to transmit in a lively way, in 2 minutes and 30 seconds radio plays, fragments of long-term ethnographic investigations carried out in different countries of the world at the present time, but also in the past thanks to the Sound Archives of the CNRS/Musée du l’Homme.

#1. The temple of Chidambaram - India
#2. Lottery Voices in Kerala - India
#3. The Voice of Cairo - Egypt
#4. Cairo coffees - Egypt

#5. Naples Fireworks - Italy
#6. The cries of Naples - Italy
#7. Bird song competitions - Thailand
#8. The vocal duel in the boxing ring - Thailand
#9. The forest - French Guiana
#10. Rice pounding - Indonesia
#11. Stone and water music - Gabon, Togo

Format: 11 x 2:30 minutes (audio), 1 USB key, 1 presentation and credits booklet
Distribution: free

 See their initial broadcast on RFI (Radio France internationale).

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