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Insularity Workshop WG2 in Kerkennah Islands (Tunisia)

Organization of the WG2 Workshop, BioDivMeX (Mistral’s Program)

Vincent Battesti

Insularity Workshop WG2 of the BioDivMeX (BioDiversity of the Mediterranean eXperiment) program, part of the Mistral meta-program.
from 20 to 24 September 2018 in the Kerkennah archipelago (Tunisia).


 Reception and organization on site:

 Program of the workshop:

Programme du workshop WG2 Insularités 2018

 Personal presentation:
See: Date palms of the Siwa oasis and the Saharan island network: Status of tested hypotheses.

Archipel des îles Kerkennah (à bord d’un bateau de pêche, la récolte des nasses d’une charfiyya), en Tunisie, le 23 septembre 2018. © Vincent Battesti
Archipel des îles Kerkennah (une charfiyya en arrière-plan des voiliers de pêche feluka), en Tunisie, le 24 septembre 2018. © Vincent Battesti
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