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The beginnings of the widening of a research

Vincent Battesti

- The beginnings of the widening of a research:

After a first work led in Yemen on the nonverbal communication in Taiz (and compared with the capital, Sanaa), it seems to me interesting to extend that to Egypt, in particular to Cairo and, why not later, to the oasis of Siwa.

- A first research in Yemen in 2000-2001 had for result an article published in Chroniques yéménites, published by the Cefas in Sanaa. See the article Esquisse d’une communication gestuelle yéménite (Taez et Sanaa).

- Another research inaugurated in 2005 in Cairo which is today under development. See the article Répertoire des gestuelles du Caire [titre provisoire]. To my knowledge, there is only very few research published on this subject concerning the Arab world. See the bibliography on the body language in the Arab world.

This begining research on Cairo concerns me particularly, because there is a natural articulation with my work on the use of certain public spaces of the Egyptian capital.

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