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Patrimonialization in Siwa: the architecture

Elements of research on the built environment

Vincent Battesti

Works for a research in progress on the evolutions of the built environment in Siwa (Egypt) and the curent phenomena of patrimonialization.

 Lecture given on this topic:
See “Environment needs clay!”, Evolutions of the habitat in the oasis of Siwa.

 Illustrations on this topic:
See the section of the Picture Gallery on the Siwi architecture.

 Specific bibliography (in progress…):

The work of Silvia Martinelli (architect from the University of Roma):
Martinelli, Silvia, 2004 — Siwa, l’oasi bambina. Diario di un’ esperienza di progettazione partecipata in Egitto, Universita’ degli Studi di Roma Tre, Facolta’ di Architettura, Roma, 52 p.

An article for a volume of Journal des Africanistes dedicated to objects and material cultures in the Sahara (editors: Sébastien Boulay & Tatiana Benfoughal).
See the published article (in French): Dwelling with feet of clay, Trials and tribulations of construction materials and techniques in Siwa (Egypt).

A chapter for the exhibition catalogue on Berbers (De rives en rêves, Abbaye de Daoulas), chapter dedicated to Berber architecture and especially to Siwa:
See the chapter (in French): Earthen architectures. The example of Siwa

An article for the Égypte/Monde arabe journal dedicated to the phenomenon of patrimonialization in Egypt and Sudan (edited by Omnia Aboukorah & Jean-Gabriel Leturcq):
See the published article (in French): From Siwa to Cairo, the making of heritage feeds from the Others’ desire.

A rebuilt “traditional” architecture by EQI, used by the cheikhs of the oasis and their honorable guests here during the Sufi ‘aīd al-Siyaḥa festival in Jebel Dakrūr, Siwa (Egypt), October 27th, 2015. © Vincent Battesti
Une architecture “traditionnelle” reconstruite par EQI, utilisée par les cheikhs de l’oasis et leurs invités de marque ici pendant la fête souffre ‘aīd al-Siyaḥa au Jebel Dakrūr, Siwa (Égypte), le 27 octobre 2015. © Vincent Battesti
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