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Anthropology of the landscape in Castagniccia, Corsica

Vincent Battesti

 Anthropology of the landscape in Castagniccia, Corsica : evolutions of pratices and perceptions of (and the concepts of) the nature, the environment and of the landscape.

Cadastre de la commune de Nocario (Castagniccia)
Didier Bouillon † - ENSP, 1997.

This research, largely in “minor” mode (carried out mainly during vacations), was nevertheless conducted in conjunction with Pr Didier Bouillon† from ENSP (École nationale supérieure du paysage, à Versailles).
(Didier Bouillon was the organizer of a landscape charter for the municipality of Nocario, within the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, PNRC, a charter that was completed but never implemented).
See the lecture (in French): Les noms de lieux du cadastre de Nocario (Haute-Corse), Approche ethno-toponymique.

The commune is located within a micro-region, the Orezza Valley, in Castagniccia, which was the most densely populated region of Corsica until the 20th century, as long as its rural economy functioned. There was a large rural depopulation and consequently a very strong agricultural decline in the cultivated terraces, the pastoral routes and especially the vast chestnut grove, a puzzle of private plots. The whole is still in place, but the ecology of the whole has been strongly modified. My approach aims to grasp these changes and to understand which (possible) “landscape(s)” (if any) the inhabitants and owners make of the territory.

A new collaboration (since 2018) with the CNRS sociologist François Ireton (see article796) started: a study of the....

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