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CBNC — Conservatoire botanique national de Corse

Vincent Battesti

 Member of the Scientific Council of the National Botanical Conservatory of Corsica, since Septembre 2022.

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Because of its insularity and the diversity of its landscapes, Corsica has almost 3000 plant species of which 5% are strictly endemic. “The Corsicans are custodians of a plant heritage of great value, one can even say of world value, since some of these species are present only on the island” (Gamisans, 1993).

The commitment of the OEC ( Corsican Environment Office) to preserve this wealth of flora took concrete form on August 22, 2008 with the approval of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Development. The Corsican Botanical Conservatory has thus become the National Botanical Conservatory of Corsica.

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