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by Vincent Battesti

Relationships to the desert of the monotheist religions.

Original title:
Les relations au désert des religions monothéistes
Unpublished article, rejected by Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions in 1994 | I didn’t try to submit it in another journal.
but… not lost for everybody, as it was plagiarized :)

(This is a modified version of my secondary DEA’s thesis, which has the same title, under the supervision of Pr. Philippe Laburthe-Tolra, University Paris 5 Sorbonne.)
That said, I do not really claim these pages anymore: I did write them, but if I had to read them again, it is likely I won’t always be agree with myself.
That’s no reason to be plagiarized: see below.

This paper offers to explore different crossroads between the desert and the monotheist religions. The founder texts of these religions (Bible, Gospels, Koran) provide us a choice material, but trying to discern the behaviour of the human facing the desert will give us also a way to size which place this mineral environment takes in religious content.

The consideration could get us further: does the existence of the monotheist religions have to deal with the frequenting of desert environment? Whatever could be hypothesis, traces of sand are manifest in the history of these religions, with real return to the physical desert or symbolic uses for mystical ends.

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Les relations au désert des religions monothéistes
(Non publié, 1994)
Vincent Battesti
© Vincent Battesti


 October 2016 Update: to celebrate 20 years of this article, refused and never rewritten: its plagiarism by a Tunisian author, Salem Trigui (سالم الطريقي)!

An old paper... but not lost for everyone, obviously.
This text was completely plundered by a Tunisian author, Salem Trigui, in his book:

Salem Trigui (2016) — Sahara Paradis Doré, Civilisations, secrets du tropisme des déserts, éditions Karem Sharif (série Civilisations), 392 p. — soutenu par le ministère de la Culture.

The plagiarist, Salem Trigui, shamelessly copied and pasted this 1994 old text of released here for reading.
I consulted the book by chance in a bookstore in the Medina of Tunis ... and I came across a massive plagiarism. The whole section “Les relations des religions monothéistes avec le désert” is an unauthorized copying / pasting of my Master’s thesis (or of this unpublished article summarizing my Master’s thesis) entitled… “Les relations au désert des religions monothéistes [1]

“Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion.” (Wikipedia). The plagiarist should present his beautiful mustache in court.

Photographie de mon plagiaire, Salem Trigui, tirée de la jaquette de son ouvrage.
Photogr. par Amine Khelifi.

 December 2017 Update: A year ago, end of Oct. 2016, I wrote to the publishing house of our plagiarist Salem Trigui, the Éditions Karem Sharif and the distributor Espace Carthage: I have received neither answer nor return from either of them.

[1To be honest, a footnote (which is after the chapter title) that mentions sibylline: “ /IMF /Desert /PDF..” Of course, with this address, you will not get anywhere. Except since the search engines have saved this page ... :-)