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Foreword & Introduction to Contemporary Egypt


Vincent Battesti , François Ireton

Foreword & Introduction to Contemporary Egypt

 Orginal title:
Vincent Battesti et François Ireton (2011), Avertissement & Présentation de l’Égypte au présent,
in Battesti Vincent et Ireton François (dirs), L’Égypte au présent, Inventaire d’une société avant révolution, Paris, Éditions Sindbad - Actes-Sud, coll. La Bibliothèque arabe, p. 29-37
ISBN: 978-2-7427-9780-6.
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 See this book L’Égypte au présent (Contemporary Egypt).

The “people’s revolution” in Egypt - Thawrat al-Sha’b - erupted Jan. 25, 2011 while our editor was laying out this work. The inventory of the Egyptian society that this book is offering therefore is published timely when Egypt lives a turning point in its history. Many connoisseurs of this country envisioned that large movements of political and social challenges can happen and lead to profound changes, however, no one would venture to forecast the timing, modalities and scope. Number of chapters in this book shed light on socio-economic and political issues that became intolerable in the eyes of many Egyptians, and shed light also on various social groups that became leading forces of this movement. This Egypte au présent (Egypt of today) gives a “full-size” image of the multiplicity and extent of the problems, that will have to face as challenges, the democratic system which, hopefully, will be the outcome of the process.

Les trophées du Musée de l’Agriculture, à Doqqi, au Caire (Égypte), fév. 2007, V. Battesti
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