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Milson research team

Vincent Battesti

Formally since 2012.

MILSON is a research team dedicated to the discussion of the problematics and methods used in different disciplines (architecture, social sciences, arts, acoustic etc.) to study or experiment sound environments.

This research team as organized their first meeting in may 2011 (see, and then its second edition in 2012 in Paris, to continue to explore the questions at stake in the anthropological study of ambient sounds. Based on ethnographic cases, and taking into account the perspectives of different disciplines, the workshop gave a deeper insight of sensory environments in different cultural contexts (India, Portugal, Italy, Ethiopia, Romania, Scotland, Egypt, France and Japan). Presentations focused on the shapes and dynamics of these environments (neighborhoods, markets, countrysides, temples, stations, places etc.). Researchers and artists discussed the cognitive aspects of sound milieux in relation to their social settings in terms of meaning, categorisation, efficiency and normalisation.

Meeting organized by MILSON with the support of the Fyssen Fondation.

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