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Prelude: conversation in a Cairo taxi


Vincent Battesti, Safa Dahab

Prelude: conversation in a Cairo taxi

- Orginal title:
Vincent Battesti et Safa Dahab (2011), Prélude : conversation dans un taxi du Caire,
in Battesti Vincent et Ireton François (dirs), L’Égypte au présent, Inventaire d’une société avant révolution, Paris, Éditions Sindbad - Actes-Sud, coll. La Bibliothèque arabe, p. 15-28 [ISBN 978-2-7427-9780-6].

- See this book L’Égypte au présent, Inventaire d’une société avant révolution.

- Abstract:
This is the translation and transcription (with Safa Dahab) of a discussion recorded unexpectedly in a taxi in Cairo, February 15, 2007. I was seating in the backseat of a decrepit specimen of the indefinitely fleet of black and white taxis of the capital. The taxi took another client, as often happens, who moved to the front. The conversation began between the client and the driver and lasted ten minutes in the usual traffic jams rumor.

And all of the Egyptian society is reviewed during this discussion between strangers ...

Taxi au Suq al-Goma‘a, Cité des morts, Le Caire (V. Battesti, septembre 2003)
Compteur hors d’âge et d’usage, exemplaire du Coran et CD de metal.
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