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Ambiances of the places: images and sounds of Siwa

Vincent Battesti

To offer an idea of sound and visual ambiances of the oasis of Siwa:

 Images of Siwa:

Gathering of the VIP and guests of Siwa oasis during the annual festival, Oct. 27th, 2015, Dakrur, Siwa Oasis, Egypt. © Vincent Battesti

See the section of the Visio-gallery dedicated to Siwa.

 Sounds of Siwa:

See Already here... pieces of sound ambiances in Siwa..

 Videos of Siwa:

 My own videos:

 A day in Siwa/ Une journée à Siwa/ يوم في سيوة — Siwa Oasis, Egypt (Vincent Battesti, November 2014)

 ‘aīd al-siyaḥa — Siwa Oasis, Egypt (Vincent Battesti, October 2015)

 Videos found on, illustrating magnificently the tourist uses of oasis (and desert) space of Siwa. All the expected spaces and uses of spaces by tourists (here French) are offered here.

 Siwa oasis - Egypt, from jbens (December 2, 2006),

See also “Why should I go to see from above things I already know from below?”.

Less interesting or edifying videos, but nevertheless on Siwa and the spatial tourist practices:

 La fuente de Cleopatra (on Cleopatra’s Spring), from noleteman (November 2, 2006).

 Cleopatra’s Natural Spring, Siwa, Egypt, from jinbaobao (September 3, 2006). (The communication/translation problem is amusing.)

 Saharan Journey - Lost in the Sahara (or how the desert have to be an adventure), from pedrorichardson (November 6, 2006).

 safari cilginligi:), from junedje (November 20, 2006).

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