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To circulate in Taez

Vincent Battesti

Below there is: To circulate in Taez — a succession of pictures in multi exposure (taken with a web cam) from the window of my flat in Taez (Yemen), beginning year 2001.

- If everything is working fine, you just have to move very slowly your mouse over the pictures in multi exposure (taken within a short interval) for these picture becoming animated.



By the way, this site hosted by Noos (the up date of these pages are not possible since I’m not anymore a subscriber, but this address is still available) was for a test to put in line an article on the Yemeni gestures (non-verbale communication) that was then published by the scientific journal Chroniques yéménites (from the CEFAS in Sanaa), in a paper version, and in an experimental web version, including about 64 small videos taken with a web cam, illustrating the gestures and their movements. See in the Publised work section this article.

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