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Open access archiving: on HAL Open archives

Vincent Battesti

All of my written scientific production is available in open access on the HAL Open Archives server:

To date, 80 of my publications, from short articles to large books (almost all of them, with one or two exceptions), are available for free access on this server.

Each publication has a page on this site that contains a link of the following type:

At the beginning, I was archiving the PDFs of my publications on this site, and as soon as the CNRS set up this Open Archives tool, I took it over to deposit my work. My motivation is simple: I am a researcher paid by the public service, I give back to the public the fruit of my work. And this public is also outside our national borders, and I am thinking in particular of colleagues who do not have a gateway to the vast paying digital libraries. Finally, a last motivation is a concern for transparency about my scientific production work.

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