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Oases, networks nodes


Vincent Battesti

Oases, networks nodes
Original title: Oasis, nœuds de réseaux
in Sophie Caratini, Charles Grémont, Céline Lesourd & Olivier Schinz (eds.), Sahara, mondes connectés, Paris, Marseille, Gallimard / Musée des arts africains, océaniens, amérindiens, 2019, p. 58-61.
ISBN: 978-2-7424-5914-8
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Catalogue for the exhibition: Sahara, mondes connectés, at Centre de la Vieille Charité in Marseille from May 10th to Sept. 1st 2019.


The Saharan oases have therefore never been completely isolated territories. On the contrary, their situation of physical discontinuity, their insularity, has allowed them a particular connection to other inhabited territories, a measured but obligatory and essential connection: oases were—and are still for the most part—the sporadic nodes of a circulation network for humans and their processions (both biological and cultural), which network stretches from one continent to the next. A definitely connected Sahara: plants, animals, people and their knowledge and practices.

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