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Politics, picnics and nilotic loves

Pastoral recreations in 2005’s Khartoum (Sudan)

Vincent Battesti

Politics, picnics and nilotic loves: Pastoral recreations in 2005’s Khartoum (Sudan)

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Politique, pique-niques et amours nilotiques, Les récréations pastorales à Khartoum (Soudan) en 2005.

After a short fieldwork of one month in Khartoum, Sudan’s capitale, during urban riots (see this page), I started the drafting of one article in the course of writing (not completed, lack of time). I derogate here from my “personal rule” which wants that I do dare to write about a fieldwork only if I have spent there months. This has a value of test for me. (Will I dare? does this not completed/published article the result of the test?)

Anyway, this article deals with recreations that the Sudaneses of Khartoum offer themselves and invites to an ethnography of the institution of the picnics to the confluence of the Blue and White Nile, in the urban parks and, further, the fields of peri-urban agricultures. The urban crisis lived during this fliedwork precisely allows to measure the value of these recreations within this urban framework.

Al Mogran Amusement Park, Khartoum
This park is operated by the Sudanese People’s Armed Forces. Soudan. Vincent Battesti, 14 juillet 2005.
Al Mogran Amusement Park, Khartoum
Soudan. Vincent Battesti, 14 juillet 2005.
Gurashi Garden, Khartoum
Soudan. Vincent Battesti, 15 juillet 2005.
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