Satges #1 & 2

Dans le hameau de Nucariu (commune de Nocario) sous une pluie d’orage estival, Castagniccia, Corse (France), le 20 août 2014 (photo. Vincent Battesti)
© Vincent Battesti

Work conducted by Vincent Battesti and François Ireton.
In active phase since 2018.

Our research on the evolution of the population and the occupation of its territory through land issues in Castagniccia (late 18th century to present) couples an approach of historical demography (stage #1) and a history of land (stage #2) in Castagniccia. The study focuses on the small Castagniccia, that is, the heart of this region, the Orezza valley and, for the most systematic surveys, the commune of Nocario.

The data is a combination of oral and archival sources.
In terms of archives, we use the data of the civil registry present in the municipality or, failing that, in the Departmental Archives of Haute-Corse (ADHC). For cadastral data, we also rely on a collaboration with the Archives départementales de la Haute-Corse in Bastia and the staff of the département de la Haute-Corse (now the Cullettività di Corsica/Collectivité de Corse, since the départements have disappeared)