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Position Agricultural Engineer (M/F): 6 months at al-‘Ulā in Saudi Arabia

CNRS research contract, 6 months, Musée de l’Homme, Paris.

Vincent Battesti

 Job offer for an engineer on a fixed term contract: Agricultural engineer position (M/F): 6 months at al-‘Ulā in Saudi Arabia
with CNRS for al-‘Ulā AS project : Anthropological survey of al-‘Ulā community and its oasis system.

Start date: February 1, 2023 or as soon as possible.
Application deadline: January 23, 2023.
This position has been filled. ✅

The mission of the recruited agricultural engineer, male or female, will be to establish a solid and reasoned knowledge base on the oasis agriculture of al-‘Ulā and its region in Saudi Arabia, within the framework of a research project, “Anthropological survey of al-‘Ulā community and its oasis system” (al-‘Ulā AS, PI: Vincent Battesti), which aims to understand and describe the functionning of this oasis.

To date, the project has primarily focused its research efforts in the fields and issues of ethnography and ethnoecology. Over a period of six months, from the beginning of February to the end of July 2023, the recruited person will work independently in the field at al-‘Ulā in Saudi Arabia and will deploy his/her agronomic skills by designing his/her work methodology and its implementation, under the supervision of the project PI (on site and remotely), to obtain the required data (detailed below in the Activities [in the announcement on the CNRS job portal site]). These data will be partly produced directly by the agent’s fieldwork and partly from the literature and acquired by him/her from local institutions (ministries, RCU, etc.) and from the al-‘Ulā AS project which has its own knowledge base.

The agent will provide, in fine, a written report synthesizing and detailing these agricultural data to the project manager.

 How to apply?

Applications must be sent via the CNRS Job portal before January 23, 2023: (réf.: UMR7206-VINBAT-005)


Planches de culture d’oignon (Allium cepa L., Apiaceae) et de coriandre (Coriandrum sativum L., Liliaceae) sur les ados dans la vieille palmeraie d’al-‘Ulā, Arabie saoudite, le 15 avril 2019, Vincent Battesti
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