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To contact me

Vincent Battesti

Vincent Battesti

Still the best way:
Directly through this website.


I am:

Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle
CNRS Researcher
« Écoanthropologie - ethnobiologie »
UMR 7206 (CNRS/MNHN/Paris VII)
Muséum national d’histoire naturelle
57, rue Cuvier
75231 Paris cedex 05 - France

and I was:

Associated researcher
Lab. OPIP « Outils et processus d’intervention sur les paysages »
Programme « De l’arbre rural à l’arbre urbain »
ENSP - Ecole nationale supérieure du paysage
Versailles - France

 When in Egypt:
I was too:

CEDEJ in Cairo, URA 1665 CNRS
PO Box 392 Muhammad Farid
Cairo - EGYPT

Physical address:
Downtown Cairo
5 Fadl Str.
2nd & 3rd Floor

Ph. : (202) 392 87 11/16/39
Fax : (202) 392 87 91

Postal Address (from France):
abs Service de la valise diplomatique
Ambassade de France au Caire (RAE)
128 bis, rue de l’Université
75351 Paris 07 SP

A Map is there at your disposal. It shows you how to come to see me.

Carte d’accès

You can also ask to receive further information. Do not hesitate for that purpose to contact me with the medium of your choice.

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