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Research fieldwork in Khartoum

Vincent Battesti

To note, a one month research fieldwork in Khartoum, Sudan, between July 15th and August 16th, 2005. This last fieldwork was rich, beyond initial expectations: the idea was to compare Khartoum, the triple Sudanese capital, with Cairo on the issue of status given to and manners deployed in the public spaces (in particular public gardens, parks).

The comparison is difficult (but not impossible), however the local tradition of picnic is in itself worthy of a research, to be pursued, on its arrangements with the moral and political contexts (islamist, but in evolution with the signature of the peace with the South).

An article is in the course of writing: Nilotic loves, picnics and politics, pastorales recreations in Khartoum (Sudan). During this research fieldwork took place the death of John Garang and the consecutive murderous riots in Khartoum.

Fumée d’émeutes à Khartoum II
Khartoum, le 11 août 2005, © Vincent Battesti.
Khartoum palace and its garden.
Carte postale Lichtenstern & Harart (envoyée en 1914), Cairo (n° 161).
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