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Ecological Anthropology of oases (Sahara Desert) and Castagniccia (Corsica)
Urban Anthropology of public spaces and gardens in Cairo (Egypt)
Sensory Anthropology

North Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean area
Oasis: Sahara (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco) and Middle-East (Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia)

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Vincent Battesti is ethnologist/social anthropologist, researcher for the CNRS, within the Lab. UMR 7206 Eco-anthropologie, Musée de l’Homme, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Paris). Formerly, had a position of researcher for the French Foreign Affairs in the CEDEJ in Cairo (Egypt).

This personal web site presents a research work - past and in progress - in Ethnology / Social Anthropology. It deals with the ethnology of the oases, and their very peculiar ecosystems, but also with an ethnology of public spaces and public gardens (parks) in Cairo, and with an anthropology of sound ambiances. And other subjects... This web site is the opportunity of a dynamic presentation of my work.

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Curriculum vitæ

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