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Appropriation of a Web space.

This section is reserved to people interested by/working on topics approached on this site. In short, this section is not very reserved in fact... It is opened to any person who wishes it.

It is possible to be registered automatically on this site and to be able to modify this section, i.e. one can create his own section inside, can write there his own texts and deposit there his own documents (sounds, images, pdf, doc, etc), his own bonds towards his Web site, his articles online, etc.

This site is under SPIP: that means it is very simple of use. There is in addition an online help.

When an article or a section is created by a new registered user, I create a new section with his name on the level of the Exo section (with her/his rights of modification).

- First, you should be registred, it is simple: enter the private zone of the site by clicking on the left on Author access (then click on registration below).


Désert du Tassili n’Ajjer (Algérie) - Juillet 1994 - une jeune fille touarègue d’un campement met les chevreaux à l’abri pour la nuit. Son petit frère, lui, est protégé par des amulettes.
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