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well…, few.

 This site vbat is a priori a work in progress.
But this version in a spip format inherits also from the former ones, which followed one anothers here (put online first the February 1st, 2000) and elsewehre.
The first site was an elementary ftp access to let always availaible some documents, articles, taht, in this way, I was able to download when needed.
Gradually, this took a html shape, means a classic web interface, and nowthis dynamic form.

 This Spip version is an adapted version of the skeleton developed (and offered) by Erational, independent webdesigner and developer based in Marseille: the TIC-IRD skeleton:
Many thanks to him again! :)

 This site was first dedicated to my main research of this moment:

Its name actually was Anthropoasis
... and had this two sibylline sentences as epigraph:

Le tigre

 Today... that changes. Let us say that the field of my work widens. I work much less on the Maghreb, I went meanwhile to Yemen, and I have worked for three years in Egypt.

It is not only a geographic issue, because if I’m going on working intensely on the oases, I also broached Cairo from the urban anthropology perspective.

 My research work in progress relates to urban public spaces (in Cairo), with a special attention on the parks: modalities of use and behaviors in theses public spaces, morphology of the places and their history.

The objective: to define the modalities of uses and behaviors in public spaces in Cairo and in particular on the parks and the Downtown area, both invented with XIXe S. by a urban reformist stream in Cairo.

Description of the work: its aim is to understand the evolution itself of a public space in an Arab city, Cairo in particular, the invention of some of these places like the parks, and the use that Cairene people had/have of them (of course by distinguishing the different kinds of frequenting and users). Work is carried out primarily by observations and interviews in the anthropological procedure, and a bookisher approach for its historical dimension.


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