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Liaison and work committee of anthropology in France

Vincent Battesti

Liaison and work committee of anthropology in France

The Assises de l’ethnologie et de l’anthropologie en France (the Congress of the Ethnology and the Anthropology in France ) are over (2007, Dec.), three cheers for the CLETAF (Comité de liaison et de travail de l’anthropologie en France, Liaison and work committee of anthropology in France)...!

This is a committee formed by volunteers — and I’m part of them — to set up a structure recommended at the end of the Congress, an association or a federation, only structure granting only voice for anthropology in France.

This CLETAF is so provisional and its aim is to think about and especially to set up the statutes of the new structure. The CLETAF exists since January 2008 and should not survive (because then useless) to the founding of the new structure we want to create for the start of the new academic year 2008/2009.

For my part, I wish that this new structure (FFA? Fédération française des anthropologues, French Federation of Anthropologists?) federate the existing associations and shed the two generalist (and redundant) associations, AFA and APRAS, to keep the best of them they can offer.

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