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Relations to the desert of the monotheistic religions

Vincent Battesti

Relations to the Desert of the Monotheistic Religions.

 Original title:
Les relations au désert des religions monothéistes, mémoire secondaire de DEA Sciences sociales, Université R. Descartes - Sorbonne (Paris V), U.F.R. Sciences Sociales, Paris, septembre 1993, 43 p.
Format: 30 cm., bibl.

Thesis research conducted by Pr Philippe Laburthe-Tolra (Sorbonne).
Diplôme d’études approfondies (DEA) in Social Sciences, Cultures et comportements sociaux, option anthropologie.

 Link to the web site web of the Université Paris V, Faculté des sciences humaines et sociales.

This study proposes to explore various points of conjunction between the desert and the monotheistic religions. The texts laying the foundation for these religions (Torah, Gospels, Koran) will provide a material of choice, but to approach the reaction of man vis-a-vis the desert will undoubtedly help also to understand the place this mineral environment occupies in the religious contents.

The examination can be thorough further: isn’t even the existence of these religions monotheists due to the presence of the desert environments, its familiarity, the attendance to the desert? At all events, some sand vestiges are found throughout their history, that it is of real returns to the desert or the use of the symbol to mystic purposes.

 See also the article Relationships to the desert of the monotheist religions.

 Abstract, Text of the oral defence the Social Sciences DEA thesis (Monday Sept. 27th, 93):

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Relations to the desert of the monotheistic religions

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